“A Writer Either Writes Every Day or Feels Guilty About Not Writing”

The quote above exemplifies the roots of K. Edwin Fritz‘s blog, “The Guilty Author“. It began as a collection of guilt-ridden, writing-related experiences in an effort to hold himself more accountable for his budding career.

Over time, however, T.G.A. morphed into a series of reviews of “Cemetery Dance”, K. Edwin’s favorite horror magazine. (He is stupidly proud to own every issue, including the extremely rare #s 1-7, none of which had more than 1,000 copies printed).

Each post of The Guilty Author examines a single story published in Cemetery Dance and examines both the reading & writing perspectives. ​ The ultimate goal of this blog is to share great horror stories with the world while featuring a writer’s insights as to what made each story so great… or so horrible.


Richard Chizmar founded Cemetery Dance Magazine in 1988. It is still in production today & is considered one of the best horror mags of all time, having published and even discovered some of the genre’s most famous and successful author. Getting published in CD is one of the top five items on my bucket list. This blog series is my attempt to read, review, and research every story CD has ever printed.


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